2020’s Top Kitchen Design Trends


Have you ever wondered if your kitchen or home is on trend with what’s popular? A trend is defined by Market Business News as being a general direction into which something is changing, developing, or veering toward. If you’re wondering what’s popular in America’s kitchens these days, we’re here to walk you through some of the year’s top design trends so far. From adding statement pieces to incorporating sleek details, here’s what’s popular in kitchens in 2020. 

Top Kitchen Trends

Many people choose to update their kitchens every few years to keep the value of their homes up. This doesn’t mean replacing your appliances and ripping out cabinets, but updating color schemes, knobs, and similar items is sometimes all it takes to keep your kitchen up to trend each year .Elle Decor has compiled a list of the top kitchen trends of 2020. Keep reading to see if your kitchen fits in with current trends. 

Contrasting countertops 

Not everything in your kitchen has to match. A popular trend this year is having a contrasting countertop to your cabinetry. For example, adding a dark countertop can help dramatize your kitchen, Elle says, and add sophistication and a level of warmth to your cooking space. 

Cool colors

Colors that are cool in tone are popular because they can add color without it being too much for your liking. Cool colors like light blue are also a good way to make your space feel light and bright. If you want to feel like you’re in a beach house when you’re in your kitchen, incorporate a cool color scheme! 

Colorful backsplashes

We love this trend. Adding a colorful backsplash is a fun way to update your kitchen without doing a full renovation. Elle explains that though people may feel like they’re taking risks with the colors, this is the best way to add a pop of color in your kitchen. 

Unexpected color pops

If you don’t want to commit to a loud backsplash, adding unexpected pops of color elsewhere might be best for you. Adding color in random places like your seat cushions or your smaller appliances is a fun way to brighten things up. 

Sleek cabinetry

More and more people are opting for cleaner cabinets that aren’t too decorative or over the top. Sleek cabinets are one of the top trends of 2020. The best part is you don’t have to fully rip out your cabinets and start from scratch. Summit Cabinet Coatings can give you the sleek cabinet look using the cabinets you already have in your kitchen. 

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets 

The kitchen of your dreams begins with the kitchen you already have. If your dream is to have sleek cabinets and be more on par with what people are loving in 2020, all you might need to do is simply refinish your kitchen cabinets. 

With our non-intrusive kitchen cabinet refinishing method, kitchens remain clean and usable throughout the week. We only spend two to three days in your home, and the rest of the process is done in our shop. This means you can enjoy normal life while the kitchen undergoes a quick transformation! 

The total refinishing process takes three to five business days, and is done in two simple steps: on-site and off-site. 

ON-SITE: During this beginning stage, we start in your kitchen coating the cabinet frames. We start by taking the existing cabinet doors and drawers off the frames and taping off the entire kitchen. After we tape off the kitchen, we then wash, hand-sand, prime, repair cracks and blemishes, caulk, and spray the finish on all exterior surfaces of the cabinet frames. 

OFF-SITE: Next, we will take the doors and drawer fronts to our shop to go through the same process. All the pieces will receive three coats of our commercial-grade acrylic coatings applied in our contaminant-free spray booth. Once finished, we return to your home to reinstall these pieces and update any knobs or handles you’d like replaced as well. 

If that doesn’t get your kitchen cabinets as sleek as you want them, we also offer completely new cabinet doors and drawers for our clients who want to change styles or eliminate grain completely. This option combines the advantages of refinishing with the benefits of refacing, but at a much cheaper cost. 

Get on Trend with Summit Cabinet Coatings 

Our approach to refinishing is durable, convenient, cost-effective, and produces the appearance of brand new cabinets. If you want that sleek, 2020 feel, contact our team at Summit Cabinet Coatings to get started now: (970)-282-9856. 

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