Completing the Cabinet Project

Our non-intrusive cabinet process allows little preparation work on your part, as the contents of the cabinet boxes can stay inside the cabinets.

In our two-part process, we remove your doors and drawer fronts to be worked on in our industrial spray booths at our spray facility while we work on your cabinet boxes and frames inside your home.

The onsite portion of the process only takes 3-4 days.

We begin by taping off every square inch of your kitchen, creating an environment to keep all debris from the home outside of the kitchen, and eliminating the potential for dust created in the spray process to get to the rest of your home.

Once we tape off every square inch of your kitchen, we begin to take the cabinet frames through the exact same stages that we are taking your cabinet doors and drawer fronts through at our facility.

We start by cleaning your kitchen cabinets, removing any residue built up on the cabinets as well as extracting any grease that is deeply embedded in the cabinets.

Once we finish cleaning, then we work to address your specific wood type, removing any deep grain and pinholes if necessary. We finish our preparation process by sanding down the cabinets and spraying our first coating of a heavy-duty primer.

We then go through an extensive repair process, making sure your cabinets are in great condition before spraying our finishes.

We finish by spraying multiple coats of our durable topcoat that is as strong as oven-baked enamel.

Our finish—which is as strong as oven-baked enamel—makes your cabinets as beautiful and durable as brand new kitchen cabinets. We also offer a 10-year warranty so you stay happy with your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts.