When making changes to your kitchen you may be considering updating your kitchen cabinet doors. Updating cabinets is a great way to infuse new life into your kitchen and it can also be quite an affordable way to make big changes in the aesthetic of your kitchen. Your cabinets play a huge role not only in how your kitchen looks but also in how your kitchen performs.

A current kitchen cabinet trend is white cabinets. They are fresh, clean, timeless, and work with an array of styles like country, European and modern. Wood cabinets have a way of becoming outdated pretty quickly, so by opting for refinishing kitchen cabinets with a new coat of fresh, white paint you’ll be on your way to a chic new kitchen. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful white kitchen.

Contrasting Wall Color

If refinishing kitchen cabinets in a white color makes you think that your kitchen might come off a little sterile or boring, you can ensure that this will not be the case with a lovely contrasting color on the walls. You can easily bring in a signature color through wall paint. Not only will it add a pop of color, but paint is easily changed when you want a different look, more easily changed than cabinetry or back splash.

Wash and Wear

Many may fear that white cabinets may be hard to keep up. Dirty hands and smudges may be a concern especially when there are children in the house, but most cabinetry paint is easily washable and requires nothing more than a rag and water. Don’t let your fear decide your fate when it comes to your kitchen remodeling.

Avoid Boring with Dramatic Lighting

Another way to avoid a boring white kitchen is to play it up with dramatic lighting. Let your lighting take center stage, instead of competing for attention with bold or dramatic cabinets. Lighting is a great way to showcase your personality without making a permanent statement that is hard to change out and there is an array of beautiful lighting options at your local home improvement or lighting stores.

Color Inside of Cabinets

Another way to add a pop of color in your kitchen is by painting the inside of your cabinets or back of a hutch. If you have open or glassed in cabinetry, this can offer an even more dramatic look or you can add color in a variety of other ways such as accessories, curtains, towels or art.

White kitchen cabinet doors are chic and timeless. If you’re considering a white kitchen makeover keep these tips in mind and you’ll soon have the white kitchen of your dreams.