Refinishing kitchen cabinets. It’s the simplest kitchen remodel. Plus, it’s a whole lot cheaper than refacing kitchen cabinets. It can, however, be a little more difficult to plan. How do you choose the right stain or paint that will both mesh with your current design and be a style you enjoy? Consider asking yourself a few questions to make your planning a little bit easier.


What’s Your Personality?

It’s not just about the kitchen. It’s about you, too. Consider how you interact with friends. Are you quiet and subdued? Loud and boisterous? Sweet but sassy? Do you want a streamlined, traditional look? A bright sunshiny feel? Something old-fashioned with just a hint of Ooomph? The best design choices reflect your personality. Refinishing kitchen cabinets is no exception.


What’s Your House’s Personality?

Make sure your personality doesn’t override your house’s. The best solution is a fusion of both. For example, you may want a bright color, but it may not fit with the overall feel of your kitchen. If you’re not ready for an entire kitchen remodel, make sure it does. Also, consider your wood. Do you have mahogany, cherry, or maple cabinets? Don’t cover them up, let them shine with an attractive stain. Similarly, if you have cheaper wood for your cabinets, choose a stain or paint that show them in the best light fact.


You might think refacing kitchen cabinets could solve this problem. It allows you to redesign their look, right? Remember, though, your cabinets were likely chosen to match your house. Refacing kitchen cabinets could create discord between them and the rest of your house.


Do You Want to Increase Resale Value?

If you plan on staying in your current home for awhile, resale value might not be high on your list. If you would like to increase the worth of your home, however, make sure your design choices reflect that desire.


Remodeling the kitchen is a wise investment decision. Potential buyers often look at the kitchen first. They like to see a modern kitchen that has been remodeled. Creating a kitchen that many people will find attractive will expedite a sale. If this is your goal, you will want to select a finish that is prevalent in remodeling magazines, such as “Kitchen Trends.” If you are thinking of selling soon, consider a conservative choice like white or a cream color.


Remember, refinishing kitchen cabinets could set your home apart from many others. Choose the finish that puts your kitchen over the top.