We offer a variety of cabinet refinishing finishes to fit a variety of preferences and design styles.


The solid color finish is the simplest finish. It produces a fresh, modern look that can anchor a kitchen with a complex countertop, backsplash, or floor. For kitchens that have natural wood cabinets, as opposed to medium density fiber (MDF), rigid thermafoil (RTF), or another material, most of our clients like to see a little of the original wood grain texture, but we can also fill the grain so it is totally smooth.
Soild white kitchen cabinets Teal kitchen cabinets


“Glazing” is a special technique that highlights the grain and adds a multi-dimensional look to the finish. It is also known as a “rub” or “wash.” To produce this effect, our artisan hand-rubs the glaze into the wood’s natural grain after the cabinets are coated, or he produces a faux wood effect if there is no grain.
We can produce light, medium and heavy glazes in a variety of tones. We listen very carefully to our clients to determine the desired level of the glaze. With respect to color, we most often use mocha (light brown), Van Dyke brown (dark brown), or black, but custom glaze tones, such as gray or taupe, are available.
Glazed kitchen cabinets Glazed bathroom cabinets cabinet glazing


“Pinstriping” is another accent that can either accompany glazing or be done alone with a solid color finish. This refers to an accent line applied in the edges of the doors. Featured in the photo below, Van Dyke brown pinstriping over a Swiss Coffee solid color finish provides a rich, elegant look that you would find in high-end new cabinet showrooms.
Pinstripped cabinet door. Pinstripped kitchen.


For a more rustic look, combining pinstriping with glazing produces an antiqued look that goes nicely with a Tuscan village or beach cottage style decor. Determining the best style of finish requires a unique assessment of a home’s design themes and our client’s taste.

Rub Through

Glazing is sometimes referred to as “antiquing.” If our clients desire an aged look on their cabinets, we offer a “rub-through,” accent that involves sanding through the finish on random edges and imperfections before finishing the doors with a protective clear coat. This can be done with or without glazing; it is a separate effect. We can do varying levels of rub through (the picture on the left shows a light rub-through and the picture on the right shows a heavy rub-through). We most often do this finish on a dark brown or black island that serves as an accent to the rest of the kitchen cabinets.
Rubthrough1 Rub through kitchen island
NOTE: Glazing is an aesthetic accent only; it does not change the sheen or strength of the finish. The solid color finishes and glazed, pinstriped, and rub-through finishes are all satin and equally strong.

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