As our kitchens get older and become used, some updating might be needed to keep them functional. While refinishing can make old doors and drawer faces look like new, sometimes it is better to reface them instead. Refacing keeps the old cabinets as they are, but replaces the doors and drawers with new ones, which can then be veneered and stained to your desire. While refacing isn’t as costly as replacing, there are still some expenses to consider before refacing your kitchen. Find out how much refacing will cost you and what you can do to get your dream kitchen on a budget with this guide!


How Refacing Works

Our kitchen cabinet doors, drawers and cupboards are some of the most used parts of our homes, from homing dishes and cups to heavy appliances, like microwaves and mixers. As they become worn from use and age, many homeowners start thinking about replacing their cabinets for new ones, but this isn’t always the best option. Refacing has become a popular and efficient way to makeover your kitchen without the exorbitant cost that replacing tends to accumulate. The process of refacing includes installing new cabinet doors and drawers onto your existing cabinet framework that produces the appearance of brand-new cabinets at a fraction of the cost. Refacing is recommended if the original cabinet boxes and frames are free from water damage, warping, broken frames and are structurally sound.


When refacing, your cabinets will first be measured to identify how much veneer, or plastic laminate, will be required to cover the doors and drawers that you will be refacing. Once the new doors and drawers arrive, the veneer will be applied to the cabinet faces and then the hardware will be mounted onto the original cabinet framework. The inside of the cupboards will be washed with a degreaser and lightly sanded to repair any flaws and ensure a smooth fit. Refaced cabinets look just as new and nice as entirely new cabinets if the veneer is applied well and the doors and drawers are mounted correctly. Gone are the days of spending extreme amounts of money to get the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of!


What Does Refacing Cost?

Kitchen remodels tend to be one of the most common and more expensive alterations to a house that people do. To personalize your kitchen, sometimes it takes a lot of cash to get exactly what you want. The cost of refacing your kitchen depends on how large it is and how many doors and drawers you are looking at getting refaced. For smaller kitchens, refacing can cost as little as $1,000 and large kitchens can estimate $9,000 or more. On average, most kitchens cost $4,000-5,000 to reface, which is much less expensive than replacing your cabinetry; replacement costs alone can add up to $20,000 for custom-made cabinets. These estimates are based on what professionals require to do the job for you, but there are DIY options to choose from that are cost-effective and relatively easy to do on your own. Perks of having a professional do your refacing project include insight into what designs would look best in your kitchen, advice on what materials would function well with your original cabinetry and the easiness of having someone who is experienced in cabinet restoration doing the job for you.


Other Options For A Kitchen RemodelPicture of kitchen cabinets being remodeled

One of the most convenient aspects of remodeling your kitchen is the amount of options you have to create the dream kitchen that you want. You might want to makeover your kitchen but don’t need or want to replace your cabinets. If your cabinets, drawers and doors are structurally sound, the cheapest option for you might be a simple finish. Refinishing cabinets is fast and easy, allowing your kitchen to remain clean and usable throughout the entire process. During this treatment, your original cabinets are kept, cleaned and updated to improve durability and appearance for years to come. The doors and drawers are coated, and the cabinet frames are washed, sanded, primed, caulked and then sprayed with a finish to complete the treatment. All pieces receive three coats of commercial-grade acrylic coating before the frames, doors and drawers are all reinstalled. Any new knobs or handles are also installed during this process, once all refinishing is completed.


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