Completely renovating a kitchen can be expensive and keep you from using your kitchen for months. Instead of fully redoing your kitchen, consider the benefits of refinishing your kitchen cabinets and making smaller changes. Here’s how to make the most of the kitchen you have, and why your wallet will thank you for it! 

 If You Have a Small Kitchen

There are ways to make your kitchen feel bigger if that’s what you’re wanting without tearing down walls and ripping your cabinets out. Here are some of our favorite ways that you can make your kitchen appear larger:

  • Choose brighter colors: A quick and easy way to make your kitchen feel bigger is to pick light, bright colors to have throughout your kitchen. Lighter colors can help open up a space and make it seem more free flowing, whereas darker colors tend to make rooms feel smaller. This simple trick is an easy way to open things up. If you want to really commit to this option, have your walls and cabinets both transitioned to light colors. Our refinishing process can easily brighten up your kitchen cabinets in under a week! 
  • Add mirrors: people oftentimes don’t think about adding mirrors into the kitchen as a normal decor choice, but do it! Adding mirrors to your kitchen can help trick the eye into thinking your kitchen is bigger than really is. Apartment Therapy offers several unique ideas to incorporate mirrors to help your spaces look bigger. One of their tricks? Try a mirror behind the stove. This area of the kitchen is usually one of the darkest, so placing a mirror back there will help bounce the light to make the space seem lighter and larger. Though it’s bound to get dirty from time to time, mirrors are easy to clean making this a good option! 
  • Add lights: adding more lightening will help brighten the space up along with updating the color of your kitchen. Try adding hanging lights and lamps to let more light in.

If You Have a Crowded Kitchen

Kitchens can easily accumulate a lot of items with no place to go. Whether it’s getting new appliances for weddings or Christmas or seeing an influencer using something cool on Instagram and you want it, we easily gather up a lot of kitchen tools. If you find that you lack space in your kitchen, try these tips: 

  • Incorporate an island: this might seem counterintuitive by adding more things into your kitchen, but this trick can help make a space seem bigger. When you lack storage, a lot of your kitchen appliances find themselves at home on countertops, which cause clutter. Clutter can make a space seem much smaller, faster. If you add something like an island, permanently or on wheels, you’ll have much more storage and countertop space which can instantly make the space look more roomy. 
  • Clean and organize: a great way to improve a crowded kitchen is to organize, organize, organize! Go through every cabinet and search for ways to organize what’s in them. You can find a number of ways online that teach you how to properly store things in an organized manner. Rather than throwing pots and pans and lids in a cabinet, give them an assigned spot to go. You’ll be surprised how much cabinet space you’ll clear up! Another way to add more space to your kitchen is to clean out junk drawers. Most of the time, junk drawers contain things that don’t belong in the kitchen in the first place. Cleaning these out will help give you more space to put kitchen-belonging items. 
  • Add hanging storage: if you run out of cabinet space, add hanging storage. You can find neat storage options, like this pots and pans hanger, to free up space in cabinets. If you need inspiration, check out these ideas from Good Housekeeping

Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whether your kitchen is small or cluttered, you don’t have to fully renovate. Updating your kitchen cabinets by organizing them and refinishing them is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to make the most of the space you already have. With Summit Cabinet Coatings, our team can have your cabinets done in under a week’s time. The best part? Your kitchen remains usable the entire time! Here are our steps:

1.We’ll tape off your kitchen, remove cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and then coat your cabinet frames. We will hand-sand, prime, repair, caulk, and spray finish onto all the exterior surfaces. 

2.We then take the doors and drawer fronts through the same stages at our shop. Once complete, we head back to your home, reinstall them, and add updated knobs and handles if you wish. 

Work with Summit Cabinet Coatings

Your kitchen is great how it is, sometimes it just takes a few quick and easy updates to see it. Here at Summit Cabinet Coatings, we maintain the highest respect for you and your home and always work cautiously. Call us today for a free estimate: (970)-282-9856.