Selling your home is not always the easiest thing to do, especially if parts of your home, like the kitchen, are outdated. Homeowners are always looking to add value to their homes so that when they’re ready to sell, they’ll go quick. Remodeling your home with new paint, updated lighting and new kitchen cabinets are some ways to make your home stand out. To make your home look great, bringing in the professionals is a must-do to make sure that your remodel is done correctly and beautifully. Improve the look of your home and sell it faster by following these tips!


First Impressions Count

For homeowners looking to add value to their homes, it’s important to follow a few design tips to make your home standout above the rest. For your home to sell quickly, you’ll need to make minor updates and renovations to the important parts of the home, such as the front of the home, the walls and the kitchen. To begin, the first impression that your home gives to potential buyers is one of the biggest selling points that you should take advantage of. As the saying goes, curb appeal matters. By painting the front door, installing a new mailbox, fixing the house number, and updating the landscaping with fresh flowers and mowed grass, you can stun prospective buyers before they even walk into your home. Pressure washing the walkways and trimming overgrown trees and bushes can help make your home the focal point as people come to visit. Additionally, make sure to repaint the inside and outside walls of your home with neutral colors, especially your red living room or your son’s blue bedroom. You want to help potential buyers be able to see themselves living in your home, and creating a neutral color palette will help them envision their own personal touches. Lastly, take an inventory of what areas in your kitchen need fixing and start there. Even though your home deserves a total makeover, focus on the important parts to make it easier to sell. Figure out what you are willing to change because you can never spend too much time making the first impression count.


Making The Interior Stand OutKitchen remodel

When selling your home, it can be difficult to decide what parts of your home you should remodel and what you should leave alone. One of the first things that buyers want to see is the kitchen. The kitchen tends to be the meeting grounds for family get togethers, dinners and late-night talks. If you decide to spend money on the remodel, the kitchen should be the first area that you should focus on. Savvy home buyers first look at the kitchen to decide what they will need to update and how much it’ll cost them, so if your kitchen looks like a disaster, it can kill a sale. The countertops are an important part of the kitchen, and they’re highly visible and used. Try replacing your worn laminate countertops with quartz or natural stone, which are premium surface materials that attract attention. Upgrading fixtures and hardware in the kitchen is another way to set your home apart. Luckily, these upgrades are relatively cheap and easy to do yourself, and they make a big difference. Installing a new refrigerator, dishwasher, sink or oven can make your kitchen look expensive, plus you won’t have to clean them.


Another important step to make the inside of your home look great is removing the clutter and furniture that distract from the overall aesthetic. Removing furniture can make your home look much larger than it is, and it helps buyers imagine their own things in its place. Open up your closet space by getting rid of excess clothing that cramps the space and makes it look smaller than it is. Potential buyers love to see that there is ample space in every part of the house, especially the closet areas. Clear off all countertops, including those in the bathroom, and minimize the decorations you have on bookshelves and entertainment centers. These tips may seem small, but they can have huge consequences for prospective buyers that are looking to personalize your home for their family in the future.


Replacing vs. Refinishing Cabinets

While the kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house to update, you can’t forget about the kitchen cabinets, doors and drawers. Replacing cabinets may seem like an easy way to spiffy up the kitchen, but it can be costly. Replacing cabinets can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars, which you most likely won’t recoup after you sell your home. If your cabinet boxes are structurally sound and in good shape, try refinishing them instead. Refinishing cabinets is less intrusive, less expensive and looks just as good as new cabinets. It takes less than 5 days to refinish kitchen cabinets, the finishes are stain resistant and come in multiple colors, and the coatings make surfaces easy to clean. Once the cabinet refinishing process is completed, the doors and drawers are reinstalled with new knobs and handles to pull the look together. No one will know that you didn’t buy new cabinets because your refinished ones will look just as clean, intricate and new.


Make The Change Today

At Summit Cabinet Coatings, we offer a range of cabinet finishes to make your kitchen standout. With our help, your kitchen remodel can sell your home easier and faster, plus save you money at the same time. Our finishes are second-to-none, and will leave your kitchen looking brand new. Call our office today at (970) 282-9856 for a FREE estimate on your next cabinet project!