Most kitchens can use a little updating periodically. One of the most visual aspects of your kitchen is the appearance of the cabinets. If your kitchen remodel includes attention to the cabinets, you might be wondering whether refinishing cabinets or refacing them might be the best option. Both refinishing and refacing kitchen cabinets have pros and cons.


Refinishing cabinets simply means putting a new coating on the doors, drawer fronts, and frames. Refinishing is the least expensive of the options that you will likely consider. The process includes preparing the surfaces so that they will accept the new coating as well as application of the coating and final finishing details. This process is quite an ordeal for the do-it-yourself homeowner, but Summit Cabinet Coatings can make it easy for you. The average kitchen takes five days, with only three days of work in the kitchen. The doors and drawer fronts are refinished back in the company’s workshop to reduce inconvenience to you. You can continue to use the kitchen throughout the process and you may not even have to remove your items from the cabinets. Many beautiful and durable finishes are available in just about any color you would want to choose. Faux finishes and true artisan workmanship can make your old cabinets match the rest of your beautiful décor.


Refacing kitchen cabinets is another popular option for a kitchen remodel. Refacing is more expensive that refinishing but significant less than a total cabinet replacement. This is a good option when the layout of the kitchen isn’t going to be changed but the homeowner wants a new door design. In a refacing project, doors and drawer fronts are not just coated, they are replaced with new elements, and the frames are finished to match, often with applied solid material rather than just coatings. Many different structural styles and finishes are available. Three to five days is the usual time for this kind of work to be completed.

You should look through plenty of home magazines to figure out what kind of look you would like in your kitchen. Then you consult with a designer who can help you decide just which style is right for you and which option would fit in your kitchen remodel budget. Whether you end up refinishing cabinets or refacing kitchen cabinets, you should end up with a new look that you will love and that will add value to your home.