Art and the societal pulse always intersect. In the midst of a recession, for example, artistic choices can’t escape a simplifying. Interior design, an art in and of itself, reflects this movement. Take, for example, a few recent trends.



Minimalism ranks as one of the most notable trends in kitchen remodeling this year. Often, in sagging economies, public opinion favors simplicity, designs which deliver without overwhelming (or “over-costing”). Currently, minimalism takes on two forms: decorative and practical.


Decorative minimalism, the traditional definition of minimalism, involves clean, simple lines and neutral tones. If you’re interested in this trend, choose sleek, metallic appliances over older designs. Scale back moldings and rich designs throughout your kitchen.


Practical minimalism involves minimizing unnecessary costs around your kitchen. Repair gadgetry rather than buying new appliances. Decide to refinish cabinets rather than replacing them or looking into kitchen cabinet refacing.


Concealed Appliances

Concealed appliances is really a subset of minimalism. Designers, opting for an increasingly simple effect, are looking for ways to streamline appliances in kitchen remodeling. Refrigerators hide behind cabinet doors; ovens perch in wall units; coffee units find themselves built into the countertop. Whether hidden or simply built-in, kitchen appliances are increasingly becoming part of the landscape rather than an addition to it.


Kitchen Cabinetry

Two trends in kitchen cabinetry stand out: functionality and warmth.


The trend toward functional designs falls in place, once again, under the minimalism heading. Rather than opting for elaborate cabinet moldings or extensive designs, choose functionality. Some components of this trend include roller draws, slide out trash can cabinets, and built-in drawer organizers. If you can’t afford to completely redo your cabinets, try incorporating a few of these options and then choosing to refinish cabinets in a popular stain or color. You can try kitchen cabinet refacing, if you’re looking for a more invasive remodeling job. Professional refinishing, however, often accomplishes the same look.


If you do choose to refinish your cabinets, the trend toward warmth in cabinet design can help you in your kitchen remodeling design choices. While this trend may seem to contradict the trend toward minimalism, it doesn’t. Try for a modified minimalism, streamlined cabinetry with an old-fashioned, warm finish. Refinish cabinets in darker colors, like walnut. Or, if color is your thing, choose warm whites or simple deep colors. Once again, you may find kitchen cabinet refacing gives you your dream look; however, consider the change a simple refinishing job could make before going that route.