Many homes, especially older homes have laminate cabinets throughout their kitchens. And while laminate kitchen cabinet doors often look nice and are quite durable, after a certain amount of time they can get scratched, dull or faded. However, when it comes to laminate cabinets, kitchen cabinet refinishing is often not an option. Laminate is made with plastic layers that are not easily painted.  

Therefore, oftentimes the only feasible solution is refacing cabinets by covering it with a new laminate or veneer. You can tackle this project yourself by purchasing a press veneer kit with removable wax-paper backing at your local hardware store or you can also choose to have professionals refinish and/or reface your cabinets, such as Summit Cabinet Coatings.

If you’re looking to tackle this project on your own, here are some tips.

Remove cabinet doors by using a screwdriver to remove door hinges from the cabinets and set the doors, shelves and other parts aside.

Buff the laminated surfaces with either a small sander or with 100 grit sandpaper. This will remove the shine as well as any grime so that you can refinish the exterior.

Measure each section of the cabinet that you would like to veneer and then use these measurements on pieces of veneer. Then make sure to expand measurements by an inch on all sides.

Cut the pieces of veneer out from the back using your utility knife. Keep the wax paper intact on the cutouts.

Take your first piece of veneer and place it in the correct area. Peel off the top few inches of wax paper and press the veneer to the cabinet face.

Peel the remaining paper from underneath while simultaneously pressing the veneer to the surface, once the whole piece is secure, roll over it with a rolling pin to make sure that it is stuck in place evenly.

If there are any sections overhanging, cut it off with the utility knife.

Repeat this process for the remaining sections of your kitchen.  Once you’re done, reinstall all door hinges and hardware.

For a quick and easy kitchen remodeling project, replacing old and tired laminate can bring new life to your kitchen and is quite easy and affordable whether you choose to DIY it yourself or hire experts.

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Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing