Brighten your home this Spring from the effects of the cold, dark winter. Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your home with some simple home improvement steps. Boost the value of your property while improving the quality of life of those living in it with these easy tips!

Brighten Your Home Inside and Out
Spring is here and the flowers are in full bloom. Does your house look gloomy and shut in for the winter or is it open, bright and airy to match the season? Brightening your home inside and out is as easy as opening a few windows here, hanging some decorations there and adding some spring flowers to your home. Here are a few tips to make your house feel springy and fresh:
Get some of your favorite flowers and put them in vases in all the common areas of your home. Real flowers will add spring scents to a room, while fake flowers will last year-round.
Decorate! Spring and summer bring Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July and more. Just about every grocery store, department store, pharmacy and outlet mall will have some sort of decoration for the holiday just around the corner.
Put colorful accents in each room. A bright blanket on the bed, colorful pillows on the couch, and changing your kitchen towels to spring colors are all easy ways to brighten your home.
Bring furniture outdoors. Set up a cozy, bright spot outside where you can feel like you’re on your comfy couch space indoors, when you’re actually outside enjoying nature.
Add lighting indoors and out. New patio lamps and light fixtures, hanging string lights indoors and outdoors, and cozy candles can brighten a room or set the mood for nighttime get-togethers.

Fixtures and Fixes to Brighten Your Home
Install more (or bigger) windows. More windows in your home, especially in areas like the living room or dining room can make your home feel bigger, more open and can help you enjoy the bright scenery outside.
Pick cabinets and furniture that are light in color. Dark colors can make an entire room look dark, which can be gloomy not only in the winter, but also in the summer.
Choose patio doors that bring in more light. There are various styles that have window cutouts, fabric sliding panels and more so you can let the spring light (or fresh summer air) into your home.
Change your light bulbs to white. The type of lights you install in your home can cast your home in a yellow glow, which is great for that homey, holiday feel. However, in the summer, white lights will add that bright, light color that makes your home’s interior feel more open.
Add a fresh coat of interior paint. You can lighten the room by changing those beige or cream colors to white. Or, add a color wall to each room to give it a new theme. Changing dark wood accents to white can instantly make a room look better both in summer and in the winter months. We specialize in cabinets and can take a dark kitchen area and make it feel brighter and bigger with lighter shades and accents.
Hang light-colored/thin curtains. These can still provide some privacy while letting the spring light in.
Incorporate mirrors. Mirrors help bounce light around the room. Hanging mirrors near light sources (like windows and doors) will help brighten the room along with the light fixtures you already have.
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Allergy free. Happy woman smelling lilac in modern kitchen. Seasonal allergy concept.Don’t Forget Some Flowers
Don’t forget that April showers bring May flowers. As it’s May and spring is in full bloom, you want to take advantage of the sunshine and plant some beautiful flowers around your house. Not only will the flowers give off a wonderful aroma when guests come to visit, but they’ll make the outside of your house look colorful, bright and inviting.

Some of the most popular flowers of the season include:
Tulips – Want a flower that comes in many colors? Try tulips! Their simple design goes well with parties, weddings, your outdoor garden or even in a simple vase for the kitchen.
Lilacs – Lilacs love being in the sun! Use the sunniest places around your house so these sweetly-scented purple flowers can thrive.
Daisies – These lovely flowers have white petals and a yellow center and are most popularly known as the flowers you pluck petals to while saying, “loves me, loves me not.”
Freesia – This flower loves the sunlight and lasts longer than most other flowers. Choose this option if you want something vibrant, citrusy smelling, and a flower that lasts.
Daffodils – These are the first flowers that tend to bloom once winter turns to spring. Their bright yellow and white colors are perfect for blending into your home’s exterior while giving off a pop of color.

Pretty kids, happy little boy giving a cute girl tulip pink flower. Easter conceptSpring and summer are both seasons that are bright and cheery. You want your home to be the same and it can be with the right small fixes and coordinated pops of color. For all your indoor and outdoor home needs or to call for a consultation, call Summit Cabinet Coatings today at (970) 282-9856!