Jim and Jen Worden, owners of Summit Cabinet Coatings, believe that choosing to repair and refinish cabinets is a beautiful and convenient way to give your kitchen a little life again. After years of holding pots and pans and getting splashed and dirtied by all sorts of food and liquids, life can take a toll on our kitchen cabinets.

We ask a lot out of our cabinets. They have to be able to endure storing all of our kitchen dishes and cookware while standing the test of time. Plus, we’d also like them to be pleasing to the eye. This is where refinishing cabinets come into play! The team at Summit Cabinet Coatings is able to take your worn down cabinets and refresh them up — and most of the time they can do just that. Though it doesn’t happen often, there are traits you need to look out for before deciding if refinishing kitchen cabinets is for you or if they’re too beyond repair.

 What’s the Damage?

Before you decide on the best course of action to take for your kitchen renovation, take a look at the state of your current cabinets. Here’s what we suggest looking for before making your decision: 

  • Look for structural damage inside each cabinet: Make note of any cracks or loose joints you see. Tip: Poke the inside of the cabinets with something like a knife to find soft areas, which could signal rotting or other types of damage. 
  • Check stability: Check to see that all cabinets are still securely attached to the walls and to each other. 
  • Inspect lower cabinets: Take a look at your lower cabinets, especially near the sink, for signs of water damage. If they’re sagging, that signals water damage, which means refinishing might not be an option. 
  • Face frames: If your cabinets have face frames, which is what is most common in America, make sure they’re still securely attached to the cabinets and their edges are still flat and smooth in texture. Minor holes and small cracks can be repaired, but if they’re split in two they can’t be. 
  • Examine drawers: They should roll out and back in smoothly when you open and shut them. When inspecting, also remove the drawers and check their entire condition. There should be no signs of cracks and siding should be firmly attached. Look for any missing fasteners or worn out parts. 

Refinishing Cabinets

If after inspection you realize you’re good to go with cabinet refinishing, and that your current cabinets aren’t unrepairable, here’s the process. Summit Cabinet Coatings has a non-intrusive method for refinishing your kitchen cabinets. Oftentimes, even old and extremely run down cabinets can be livened up just by the simple refinishing process. 

In total, the process takes about 5 days, but your kitchen will remain usable the entire time. The first two to three days will take place in your kitchen, where the team will remove all cabinet doors and drawers and tape off the kitchen.

Then, they will wash, hand-sand, prime, repair minor blemishes, caulk, and spray the finish onto the exterior cabinet frame surfaces. 

The rest of the process will take place at the Summit shop. This is where the drawers and doors will go through the same stages as above, but in the shop’s containment-free spray booth. Once the drawers and cabinets are refinished, they will be taken back to your kitchen. 

The process ends with the reinstallation of the cabinet doors and drawers. These will also be updated with any wanted new knobs/handles at this time. 

If you’re tired of the style and grain of your current cabinet doors and drawer fronts, we offer new cabinet door and drawer options. This option combines the best of both worlds – refinishing and refacing – all at a fraction of the cost.

Refinishing Benefits 

The top benefit of refinishing your cabinets is the cost. According to Home Advisor, refinishing your kitchen cabinets is far more affordable than replacing them. If you’re still not entirely convinced but your cabinets are candidates for refinishing, here are the benefits of refinishing with Summit Cabinet Coatings: 

  • The entire process is done in five days or less 
  • Our finishes are stain resistant and can come in whatever color you desire (yes, any color!) 
  • The surfaces are easier to clean after refinishing 
  • The new finish will protect cabinets from water damage 
  • We guarantee that the coating will not crack, peel, or fade

Call For a Free Estimate 

Most of the time, cabinets aren’t unrepairable. If you’re ready to update your kitchen and you believe you’re a candidate for cabinet refinishing, give the team at Summit Cabinet Coatings a call. They will walk you through every step of the process and answer any question you have. Their goal is to help give you your dream kitchen, so contact us today for a free estimate.