One of the quickest and most cost effective ways of increasing the value of your home is to remodel your kitchen. And one of the biggest money saving techniques in improving your kitchen is kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing.


Cabinet Replacement is Expensive

Removing all your cabinets, shelves and drawers, and replacing them with new ones is expensive. The starting prices for an average kitchen is around $15,000. If you choose to customize or use particular woods, you could easily double or triple the costs. This could quickly blow your budget and cause you to cut corners in other important areas of your kitchen.


The Money Saving Promise of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and Refinishing

If you are looking to get the most out of your budget and do not want cut corners, consider refinishing kitchen cabinets instead. Cabinet refacing or refinishing can give you the total look of new cabinets with spending fraction of the time, labor and material costs.


Don’t Throw Away Your Old Cabinets

You may be sick and tired of your ugly old cabinets and may be in the mood to just rip them out and throw them away. You may want to hold off on that until your old cabinets can be inspected by an expert From Summit Cabinet Coating. No matter how ugly, the majority of existing cabinets, especially in older homes, are architecturally strong and do not need to torn out at all. With kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing, you do not need to destroy something that may be perfectly good or even top quality.


Cabinet Refacing and Refinishing is Less Intrusive

Cabinet replacement can keep you out of your kitchen for a minimum of days and frequently for weeks. Gutting your cabinets can mean removing and storing all your pot, pans, dishes, flatware, food and other items in an alternate place.

Refacing and refinishing kitchen cabinets takes a fraction of the time of a tear out and installation. Often the only things removed while resurfacing are the kitchen cabinet doors. Your pots, pans and dishes do not have to be removed and stored while the refacing or refinishing is being accomplished.


The new finish, which you have chosen, will be smooth and durable, and will make your cabinets like new. All this is done for a fraction of the cost of replacement: The average  cost of refinishing kitchen cabinets is only 10% to 20% the cost of replacement.