Kitchen remodeling can be one of the best investments you can make in your house. Remodeling your kitchen can boost your home’s resale value, and provide a positive return on your investment. Depending on the housing market and the type of improvements to make, you can recover between 60 percent and 120 percent of your cost when your home is resold.

Some homeowners, don’t look at home improvement as a return on their investment; it’s simply about updating and creating a nicer space for family and friends to gather.

Whether or not you are planning to sell your home in the near future, you should spend your money remodeling in a way where you enjoy your kitchen. You can’t always measure the monetary value you get out of the improvements you make, but make sure they are made for your enjoyment. Even if you get less than 100 percent of your money back, you have a positive outcome when you make changes that will benefit your style of living.

Kitchen Remodeling – Why It Can Get Expensive

Although your kitchen can be the most expensive area of the home to renovate, it is worth the investment. The kitchen is where everyone spends time, so the money spent on a remodel is money well spent. The good news is there are ways to update your kitchen without breaking your budget.

Refinished Cabinets Are Economically a Good Choice

New cabinets are usually the most expensive element of a kitchen remodel, but there are a number of ways you can cut back on costs, including cabinet refinishing. You can totally change the look of your kitchen cabinets without paying for replacement. Cabinets are made to outlive the fridge, and stove and they can be functional for 20 years, or more.

Only Replace Cabinets If They Aren’t Functional

Thanks to home improvement shows on reality TV, the term “total gut job” is widely overused. Many kitchen cabinets are in good shape, and just need to be renovated to achieve new life. If the cabinet doors still function properly, they likely don’t need to be replaced and can be refinished instead.

Before gutting your kitchen and investing in new cabinets, contact Jim and Jen Worden of Summit Cabinet Coatings online or by calling (970) 282-9856 for a free estimate. They will check out your current cabinetry and see if it can be renovated.

Refinishing old cabinets is less expensive than buying new ones, and can give your kitchen a completely new appearance. The artisans at Summit Cabinet Coatings will provide you with the look of new cabinets for a lot less money.

Things to Consider When Renovating Your Cabinets

  • Refinishing is a good option if you like the cabinet doors you currently have.
  • There are several types of finishes to choose from. Jen and Jim are experts and can guide you on the type of finish that will work best for what you are trying to achieve and what will work best with your existing cabinets.
  • Achieve a fresh look by changing out the hardware, hinges and pulls on all your cabinets and drawers.
  • Refinishing your cabinets is a good and economical choice!

Of course, cost matters when it comes to renovating your kitchen, but for most people, it is much more than a monetary investment. Some of the added value comes when your new kitchen becomes a place where memories are made, where hearts are intertwined and it becomes the foundation where family and friends gather to break bread and share time with each other.