Matching your countertops to the design of your kitchen and cabinets is an important aspect of the overall look that you want to achieve. It’s important to consider the color scheme that you are going for, along with deciding beforehand which countertop would match best with that scheme. Additionally, countertops need to match not only the cabinets, but the floors, as well. Find out how you can make sure that your kitchen remodel is a masterpiece, rather than a mismatched disaster, with these tips!


Starting Your Kitchen Makeover

Whether you’re wanting a simple remodel or an entire kitchen makeover, it is important to know a few tips to get the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of. The three main components of your kitchen are countertops, flooring and cabinets, and all three need to coordinate to get the best look. The first thing to consider is your color palette (or scheme) that you want to model your kitchen after. A good rule of thumb is to pick two dominant colors and one accent to keep your kitchen lively but not overbearing. This could look like classic white cabinets with dark flooring and a mix of light and dark countertops to tie it all together. Secondly, pick your countertop. Countertops tend to be the busiest of the three components, which makes it easier to match your floors and cabinets to the countertop rather than the other way around. Your countertop color and floor color can be the dominant components, while the cabinets can make up the accent color to separate the two. Thirdly, decide what accessories and accents that you want to include. Chrome finishes on fixtures, metallic appliances and bold colors for the walls are great ways to include accents into your kitchen without causing a distraction. If you are considering using gold accents, try finding countertops or flooring that already have gold or silver accents in them to connect your entire kitchen. These steps may seem simple enough, but they surely will get the job done as you redesign your new kitchen.


Countertops and Cabinets and Flooring, Oh My!Close up of white floor in kitchen

The options for countertops, floors and cabinets are endless, and you don’t have to break your budget to get the kitchen that you want. One of the most durable and popular options for countertops is granite, and while it is beautiful and long-lasting, it is not the only way you can go to get a beautiful kitchen. Laminate is one of the cheaper options but has improved since your parents were growing up. There are dozens of laminate options that look just as great as granite or other higher-end countertops, but for a fraction of the price. Marble is another great choice for a kitchen that you want to be heart-stopping, but it is easily stained. Quartz is the alternative to marble and granite and doesn’t need the constant maintenance that they require, but can cost upwards of $14,000 to install. If you’re a serious cook or looking for a nice, sleek look, stainless steel might be for you. While nearly indestructible, small smears and fingerprints become easily apparent, especially if you have young kids. All of these options would look great in your kitchen, but their pros and cons should be considered before you pay the price for their look.


When deciding on which cabinets you want to install, it’s important to look for signs of quality (or lack thereof) to get the most bang for your buck. Check out the hinges and floating panels for signs of durability and adjustability so that your cabinets function properly. Decide whether you want framed or frameless cabinets, which will affect how the cabinets doors look as they open and close. After this, you can decide how you want your cabinets constructed, with some options including stock cabinets (pre-fabricated), semi-custom cabinets (offers customization of finishes/styles) and custom cabinets (created to meet your specifications).


Luckily, your flooring options come in a variety of materials that add to the look of your kitchen while maintaining the durability that it needs to last for years. Hardwood floors bring warmth to your kitchen while concrete flooring has an industrial, easy-to-maintain look that can be stained to almost any color. If you’re looking for soft flooring or to reduce noise, cork is for you. Cork is resilient but quiet as you move around on it, making it a popular choice for homeowners. You can even pick French roof tiles as your flooring, which adds a rustic look to your kitchen. If you’re looking to save a buck or two, laminate flooring can provide the same look as wood or marble but at a much cheaper price. The options are endless as you mix and match different styles and materials to create the kitchen that you want.


Refinish Your Cabinets For The Best Makeover

To really tie your kitchen together, make sure to consider your options with the cabinets you install or refinish. If your cabinets are in good shape, rather than replace them, consider refinishing them to match your new floors and countertops. Refinishing involves hand-sanding, priming, repairing cracks, caulking and coating your old cabinets to look like new. This process allows you to get newer-looking cabinets at a fraction of the cost, and you can still use them while they go through treatment. At Summit Cabinet Coatings, our team offers a variety of finishes to update your kitchen and ensure that your countertops, floors and cabinets all coordinate.


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