Refinishing kitchen cabinets can transform the whole space without breaking your budget.  Let Summit Cabinet Coatings help you choose the right stain or paint to blend your current design and a new look you have been considering. With the numerous choices available to you, your family can design and create the dream kitchen that you’ve always wanted!


Perks of Refinishing

Whether you are looking to do a complete kitchen makeover, or you just want to update your kitchen, refinishing is for you! Refinishing is one of the first choices for homeowners when they are in need of a spark for their kitchen. Homeowners typically have two choices when redoing their kitchen: refacing or refinishing. Refacing consists of replacing old cupboards, doors, drawers, etc. with new ones. Refinishing focuses on covering the exterior surfaces of your old cabinets with new veneers, moldings and hardware; if your cabinets are made of wood, refinishing uses a new paint color or stain. In terms of advantages, refinishing cabinets is much less expensive than refacing, which is an important detail if you have a tight budget. Since refinishing is such a thorough process, refinished cabinets can look just the same as brand new cabinets, but at a cheaper price.


If you’re worried about how old your cabinets are or if they’re not a common type, you’re in luck! Most cabinets can be refinished, as long as the main cabinet box is intact and is well connected to the wall (if hanging). Before you begin refinishing your cabinets, make sure that the structural integrity of your existing cabinets is strong. If you find any damages to your cabinets, consider speaking to a professional painting contractor to determine whether refinishing is for you. If the overall condition of your cabinets is good, refinishing is the best option. No matter how old your cabinets are, as long as you take good care of them after they’re refinished, they’ll look great for years to come.


The Process of RefinishingPhoto of man's hand sanding a piece of wood

Summit Cabinet Coatings has a non-intrusive refinishing process to ensure the best quality for the most comfortable experience. With our technique, your kitchen will remain clean and usable throughout the duration of the treatment. The process takes about 3-5 business days in the home, with the rest of the work being completed in our workshop. During the on-site process, we spend two days in your kitchen coating the cabinet frames. We remove the existing cabinets and drawers from the frames, then tape off the kitchen. We then wash, hand-sand, prime, repair cracks, caulk, then spray the finish on all exterior surfaces of the cabinet frames.


In our shop, the doors and drawer fronts go through the same process to ensure a durable, high-grade finish. All pieces will receive three coats of commercial-grade acrylic coating which are applied in our contaminant-free spraying booth. Once this process is completed, we reinstall the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, as well as any knobs or handles. During the entire process, we do our utmost to keep your home clean by covering your floors, walls, sinks and furniture. After we are finished, you will be left with a refinished kitchen that exudes a beautiful appearance and extraordinary durability for your family to enjoy.


Options of Refinishing Styles

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is a varied process with multiple options to choose exactly how you want your new kitchen to look. Some of our most popular options for refinishing include solid, glazing, pinstriping, rustic and rub through. Solid refinishing is the simplest finish and works well with kitchens that have complex countertops, backsplash or floors. Glazing is a specialized technique that highlights the grain while adding a multi-dimensional look to the finish. We hand-rub the glaze into the wood’s natural grain after the cabinets are coated, or we can produce a faux-wood effect if there is no grain. It is an aesthetic accent only, and does not change the sheen or strength of the finish. Pinstriping refers to an accent line applied in the edges of the doors, and is an accent that can accompany both glazing and solid. Rustic combines pinstriping with glazing to produce an antique-looking kitchen. This option should be evaluated closely with the home’s design and theme to have the best style of finish. Rub through provides an even more aged look to the cabinets by sanding through the finish on random edges and creating imperfections before finishing the doors with a protective clear coat. This is most often done on a dark brown or black island that accents the rest of the kitchen cabinets.


Get Your Dream Kitchen Now

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