Welcome the spring season with a fresh kitchen makeover! Learn how modern cabinets can transform the character of your home. At Summit Cabinet Coatings, we have the perfect selection of styles and colors for your new kitchen to make every day feel like the first day of spring. Find out what this process looks like and what to expect during your makeover with this guide!


New Cabinets? No Problem!

Springtime brings many opportunities with it, whether it’s being more active, starting a new hobby or remodeling your home. One of the best ways to start your Spring off is with a kitchen makeover! Our kitchens are some of the most used rooms in the house; kids are constantly running in and out for food, dinner is prepared there and some of the most wonderful memories are made with family in our kitchens. If your kitchen is as active as ours are, it may be time for a makeover. Some people enjoy remodeling their homes on their own, including their kitchens, but there are specific reasons why you should have a professional update your kitchen. For one, changing the dimensions of your cabinets to match lighting and plumbing in the kitchen can be a difficult task to do, especially if you’re untrained. Precision plays an important role, as well, with new cabinets as it is easy to be overly precise or not precise enough when figuring out the new structure of the cabinets. You also have to consider the slope of the flooring when installing/updating cabinets as they can slope at an angle if your flooring is uneven. Lastly, if you’re attempting to hang cabinets on drywall, you’re in for a disaster. As soon as you load them with dishes, it can easily come falling down if they aren’t properly installed with the studs in the wall. For these reasons, if you are ready for new cabinets, let Summit Cabinet Coatings help you achieve your dreams for a beautiful kitchen through these simple steps!


The ProcessCarpenter working on new cabinets

At Summit Cabinet Coatings, we make updating your kitchen cabinets a cinch. Our technique focuses on using solid opaque and accented glaze finishes over the cabinets you have now to create the feel that you want in your kitchen, from the warm tones of a Tuscan villa to a sleek and modern home. Whatever look you want, we can do for you! Immaculate care is taken when refinishing your cabinet drawers, doors and frames. Every new finish is inspected by our experienced artisan to ensure the highest quality and standards for your home. Our resurfacing process allows you to use your kitchen during the remodel (typically five business days in length), and you can keep everything in your cupboards!


Before we can refinish your cupboards, there is a list of to-dos to check off before we can help. For refinishing, all components must be in good condition, including the doors, drawer faces and cabinets. Consider these questions when determining whether your kitchen is ready for an update:


  • Do the insides of the cabinets have structural damage, such as cracked side panels, loose joints or wood rot?
  • Are the upper cabinets securely fastened to the wall?
  • Does each drawer roll smoothly, open easily and close completely?
  • Do the base cabinets have water damage, and/or sagging or dislodged?


If you can answer no to these questions, your cabinets are ready to be refinished! Our experienced team is ready to make your kitchen dreams come true and ensure that your refinish is as smooth as satin.


New Kitchen On A Budget

One of the first concerns we hear when remodeling a kitchen is about the cost. Even though some kitchens are in need of a makeover, many families can’t afford them. Refinishing and resurfacing cabinets start anywhere from $1,800 and can reach up to $9,000; replacing cabinets are even more expensive, and can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars! But through our unique refinishing and resurfacing processes, the typical cost to update your cabinets is 10-20% of the cost to replace and 20-30% of the cost to reface. Our team knows how hard it can be to afford new cabinets, so we have developed innovative and budget-friendly ways to get the kitchen you deserve at a price that you can afford.


If you’re ready to start Spring off on the right food by updating your kitchen cabinets, call Summit Cabinet Coatings at (970) 282-9856 for a FREE consultation! We are ready to make your home the place that you always imagined it to be. Call now for more information!