You know that you want to remodel your kitchen, but don’t know where to start. Remodels aren’t easy and can cost you, so it’s important that you complete the right steps to get your dream kitchen. From measuring your space to selecting your cabinet door styles and even deciding your kitchen “must-haves”, remodeling can be a long process. Find out what you need to consider in your next kitchen remodel to get the unique kitchen that you have always wanted with these tips!


What To Replace and What To Remove

As you begin your kitchen remodel, there are many factors to consider to get the look that you want without breaking your budget. To begin, it’s important to decide which items in your kitchen you need to replace and what things you want to remove. You might have an island positioned in the middle of your kitchen, but could remove it to open up more area to move around in. If you want to replace your cabinets, paneling or drywall, it’s a good idea to replace old plumbing/pipes behind the wall at the same time to get the most bang for your buck. If your previous stove was electric, you can run a new gas line to your stove along with the rest of the plumbing that connects to the sink and fridge. Redoing the plumbing in the kitchen has a lot of advantages in the long run, if you do it right. If you’re replacing your plumbing, you might want to consider replacing electrical and installing kitchen lighting together. Some examples of electrical replacements include under cabinet lighting, wiring the dishwasher and/or garbage disposal, adding a receptacle to the refrigerator and installing dimmer switches for lighting. These can all enhance the design and functionality of your kitchen. Deciding what your kitchen “must-haves” are is another important part of the remodeling process, especially if you have a tight budget. Do you want more storage, or do you need space for entertaining? What do you need more or less of? Unless you have a limitless budget, all of these questions should be considered as you will need to pick and choose what “must-haves” you’re going to add to your remodel.


Importance of Professionals

With the new age of the Internet, we can teach ourselves how to replace and fix almost anything in our homes, including our kitchens. While DIY projects can be fun and cut costs, many times you don’t get as good of a result like you do hiring professionals to do your remodel. If you’re not experienced with installing electrical, plumbing, cabinets or knocking down walls, you can sometimes do more harm than good, even if it would be cheaper. Kitchen remodels, especially in-depth ones, require a lot of time, effort and exactness, and professionals know how to create what you want in the most effective way possible. Consider leaving a certain amount of money in your budget for professionals to do the harder things that you don’t have time for or the knowledge of how to do.


How Updated Cabinets Finish Your LookWorkman fixing a drawer in the kitchen cabinets

One of the most important aspects of your new kitchen will be the cabinets, so it’s important that a good portion of your time (and money) goes to replacing or refinishing your cabinets to tie the whole kitchen together. Replacing your cabinets can be expensive, with many remodels costing more than $10,000 for the cabinetry alone. If your original cabinets are still in good shape and without damage, refinishing them is the better option to get a new look at a fraction of the price. The typical cost of refinishing your cabinets is 10-20% of the cost to replace and 20-30% of the cost to reface. With refinishing, your original cabinets, doors, drawers and frames will be hand-sanded, primed, caulked and then finished with a glaze of your choice to create smooth-looking and durable cabinetry. Refinishing is the least intrusive option that you can choose, plus it allows you to use your kitchen during the entire process. Kitchens remain clean and usable during the three days that your cabinetry is being treated, then the rest of the process is completed off-site and reinstalled once completed.


Start Your Remodel Today

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