Spring has officially started. Spring is the perfect time for updating your spaces; after all, spring is all about bringing new life and embracing color and warmth! Most people have begun spring cleaning and getting their homes freshened up. If you’re looking to put a spring touch on your kitchen, you’ve got several options to do just that. Whether you’re wanting to add some spring kitchen decor or do a full renovation, we’re here to help! Use these spring kitchen decor ideas to brighten things up and get your kitchen ready for spring and summer!

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How to Embrace Spring Kitchen Decor

Add Flowers

Beautiful, bright flowers are a spring staple! Adding flowers—you can go with bright, fragrant, or both—can instantly brighten up your space. In spring, there are many options available to liven up your spring kitchen decor. Some flowers that are in season during the spring are:

  • Crocus: these low-growing flowers resemble jewels and add a beautiful touch of purple, white, yellow, and more to your home during the spring. 
  • Daffodil: this fan-favorite flower will instantly bring spring cheer to your kitchen with it’s bloom and bright pop of color. Tip: try the gold! 
  • Tulip: this flower’s bright colors scream “spring!” There are plenty of colors and shapes of tulips so you can find what works best with the color scheme you’re working with.

When looking at spring kitchen decor ideas, flowers offer many benefits. They make your home look beautiful and lively, and also work to boost your mood. If you need to put a little pep in your kitchen to get it ready for spring, it can also help improve how you’re feeling. Flowers are an easy way to add spring to your kitchen, and should be a go-to for your spring kitchen decor ideas.


Have a Seasonal Food and Beverage Station

The next spring kitchen decor tip is to have a seasonal food and beverage station. Set up a little nook in your kitchen to serve fun, springtime food and drinks to your family and friends. When it comes to snacks, nothing beats fruits and veggies like carrots or strawberries, or M&Ms if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Nothing tastes like spring more than a citrus drink like lemonade or grapefruit juice. You can also utilize your beverage station by making bright-colored cocktails for the adults!  

Little spring kitchen decor ideas can go a long way, such as adding garnishes for the drinks like lemon slices and mint. These fun colors coming from foods and drinks will help instantly brighten your kitchen for a short amount of time, so this is best if you’re in a pinch! This is the most high-maintenance option, as you’ll have to put the food and drinks away each day. However, if maintained, this could be an awesome way to embrace spring kitchen decor.


Incorporate Bright Colors

Add colors where it’s easy. You might not want to commit to painting a wall a bright color, especially if it doesn’t go with the rest of your kitchen. Especially if you’re looking for easy spring kitchen decor ideas, it’s better to work smarter. Adding springtime colors by using bright linens, kitchen mats, and more allows you to easily embrace spring kitchen decor. These springtime colors can also translate into summer decor, so you’ll get two seasons of use out of these items.


Seasonal Posters

You can find everything online. If you have a spare frame lying around, try getting online to find an inspirational quote or seasonal saying to print out. Having this frame sit on your kitchen counter is a simple, yet effective, way to decorate your kitchen for spring. If you are having a tough time finding one you like, try using Pinterest, or, make it a fun family activity and have your kids each design one! 


More Permanent Decor Options

Refinishing for Spring Kitchen Decor All Year

Spring is a season, but it can also be a lifestyle. If you want a brighter kitchen all year ‘round, call Summit Cabinet Coatings to have your cabinets refinished. Refinishing kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective and simple process that will instantly bring your kitchen back to life. With tons of finish colors, you can turn your dark wood cabinets into bright white. If you want to do a brighter springtime color, we can do that too! The process is quick and finished within a week, but you can use your kitchen the entire time. We will do the following at your home:

  • Tape off your kitchen, removing cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Wash, hand-sand, prime, repair blemishes, caulk, and spray the finish on the exterior frames.


After this, we then head back to the Summit Cabinet Coatings shop to:

  • Put the drawers and door fronts through the same process in a containment-free spray booth.
  • Once complete, we head back to your home to reinstall them along with any new knobs or handles you need.


Refinishing your kitchen cabinets allows you to update your kitchen without having to completely renovate. There’s no need to tear cabinets out and bring new ones in when you’re happy with your current cabinets. We’ll use what you already have to freshen up your kitchen. Your spring kitchen decor ideas will last all year for a bright, happy kitchen!


DIY updates can be a big hassle, and can potentially be a much bigger expense than hiring a professional. DIY cabinet updates often sacrifice longevity, durability, and quality. At Summit Cabinet Coatings, we professionally remove all old paint and achieve smooth surfaces. We re-apply many coats of quality paint, along with finishing it with a topcoat that is as strong and durable as oven-baked enamel.

Refacing Trends to Welcome Spring

Summit Cabinet Coatings if your go-to place for staying up to date with kitchen design trends. Take your spring kitchen decor to the next level by refacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Our unique process of refacing is a fraction of the cost of conventional cabinet refacing services. Refacing allows you to customize your kitchen by picking new doors and drawer fronts while keeping the current cabinet boxes and frames.

Want to bring spring to your kitchen year ‘round?

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